Sunnyvale Amateur Radio Emergency Service

by George Hopkins K6GL AEC


This procedure requires two way communications with the following repeaters


Starting at 7:45 pm call the SARES roll call on the SARES repeater.


This is (name and callsign) net control taking the SARES roll call. Please check in now. (Record checkins).

OPTION: break the alphabet into segments and call for checkins phonetically such as Alpha thru Mike and November thru Zulu. Welcome checkins to the net and read back their callsigns.

Periodically repeat the above until 8:00 pm and then...


This completes the roll call. Please return to this frequency after the SVECS net closes for any announcements.

At 8:00 pm switch to the SVECS repeater and monitor the net. When SVECS net control calls for Sunnyvale checkins...

REPLY Sunnyvale reports (xx) checkins (your callsign)

SVECS net control will then call for late or missed for Sunnyvale. Monitor and record any Sunnyvale checkins.

After the SVECS net closes switch back to the SARES repeater and act as net control for any traffic. Close the net after traffic is completed.

Rev. 12/03/2002

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